MEANDER – Zwischen Zukünftigem und Vergangenem
ein PAErsche Performance Kunst Format zur Erforschung der Zeit
Samstag | 19.09.2020 | 10-20 Uhr
Ruffactory, Alte Aufzugfabrik, Marienstrasse 73, Köln

5 Durational Performances von John Court, Máiréad Delaney, Dolanbay, Alastair MacLennan (vertreten durch Frank Homeyer) und Joëlle Valterio






Meander I.

Time is happening all the time when I rest, when I get lost, when I wait, when I'm on my way, when it's too late, when I cut my hair, when I change my mind - and when I lie in bed wondering how many heartbeats are left in this body, time is echoing in every corner of the room. Time is aching when I remember, time is hiding when I forget - and sometimes, when I am quiet enough for long enough, time is dissolving in an instant.

Meander II.

So our story goes:

We were warriors and priests
fighting and praying our way out of darkness
side by side until sunrise
wondering where all the love went

And now we are children in kings' clothes
walking the line in heavy shoes
choosing our steps one by one
careful to avoid the dance

Tomorrow we will be in the desert again
resting our heads on heavy stones
waiting for a voice to call our name
so we can meet at the beginning again
colorblind and effortless
rolling on the bottom of the river
excavating slowly our way to the light

There, there is this love again
in the river's graceful meanders

Joëlle Valterio, september 2020